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General Questions:


  1. Where are you located? A. Waterford, VA.

  2. Do you allow buyers to do PPEs? A. Of course, all buyers can do a PPE at their own expense, all sales are first come first serve to the most fitting home. You must ask me for general times that work for me for a PPE as I work full time in Finance and generally have to take off to be available.

  3. Do you take deposits to hold a horse? A. No, in no situations will I accept a deposit. All horses are first come first serve to the most fitting home. I also reserve the right to sell a horse to anyone I decide as the best fit. All horses must be paid in full before leaving the farm. If you are very serious and have a PPE setup within reasonable time (5 days or less) we will discuss me holding the horse without any form of payment until after the PPE. All buyers have 24 hours after the PPE is completed to decide if they are purchasing or passing on the horse.

  4. Are there vets you can recommend in the area? A. Yes - please contact me for their info.

  5. Can horses be tried? A. Yes, but only horses that have been restarted or I have sat on. No horses that are straight at the track can be tried. If I have not worked with you before and ask for videos of your riding, it’s just to ensure safety and help see if I think the horse will work for you, it is not to be offensive in any way. Please message me to make an appointment. Any horses that I have not sat on and are at the farm you may see move loose in the ring.

  6. Do you have any shippers? A. Yes, I work with many reliable shippers with very reasonable rates that go all over the country. Please message me for quotes by providing your location/zip code if you are a serious buyer. I can also ship myself locally around the WV/VA/MD/PA area.

  7. What is the best way to contact you? A. Best way to reach me is always messaging my Facebook page, messaging my website through the chat or contact form or texting me. I prefer not to do phone calls as my work schedule makes it quite difficult. If you have questions and can list them out for me I will get back to you asap once I have a second to respond.

  8. Where can we see what horses are available? A. The best way is always on the blog portion of my site and filtering by available or by searching under my current horses. I only ever have a few at a time as I am limited on stalls and turnout, but I update this frequently.

  9. How do you accept payment? A. PayPal (friends and family only), Chase Zelle, Venmo, or Cash only.

  10. What do I need to sign in order to purchase a horse? A. All buyers must sign my bill of sale in order to purchase a horse. Payment must also be made during that time. All horses are available until fully paid for.

  11. Do horses come with their papers? A. I try in all cases to get papers from the trainers, but it is always at their discretion and absolutely not guaranteed. The youngsters now have digital papers which have to be transferred through the JC site so you must have an account. All young horses going into racing now must be microchipped which is now also needed for USEF and many other organizations.

  12. How many days after a horse is purchased do buyers have to pick up/ship? A. The general rule is 5 days and then after that I charge day rate which we can always discuss case by case. This can be adjusted for anyone that is many states away with limited shipping options. Day rate is $25 a day to include, grain 2x a day, unlimited hay/alfalfa, shavings, turnout, feet picking/baths/grooming, blankets if needed, etc.

  13. What types of services do you offer? A. I rehome racehorses straight off the track on behalf of the trainers, it is never acceptable to contact a trainer directly in these cases, there is a reason they have asked me to do so. I retrain/resell a few of my own at a time slowly and correctly with a primary focus in hunter/jumpers. I also offer consignment with great references and occasionally can have horses here for shorter term training (60-90 days).

  14. Do you accept refunds if a horse is not working out? A. No, all sales are final, however, I am ALWAYS happy to help either rehome the horse to a more fitting home/situation, take the horse on consignment, take the horse on training board, etc. I love updates on my horses and if something isn’t going well please don’t hesitate to reach out. Most horses I work with are quite young and green so they need time and training. I always encourage everyone to work with a trainer.



About me:


I have a primary focus in hunter/jumpers, but do basic dressage, take my horses cross country, trail ride, and go off the property often. I try to expose horses to as much as possible and stay versatile. I retrain/rehome horses off the track, offer consignment, rehabbing, and occasionally have openings for shorter term training board. I do a lot of ground work and have experience starting babies. References are always available from trainers I have worked with, clients who have purchased horses from me, people who have taken lessons from me, and many others I have worked for and with in the horse world.

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