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The Creep - rehomed

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

The Creep is a 5 year old WV bred dark bay gelding by Twirling Candy out of a High Yield mare. This horse has a great presence, he is definitely not a creeper! 🤣He is super sweet and just gorgeous to look at. I pulled his mane in his stall with no halter and he stood quietly and dropped his head for me. I really like this horse, I think he definitely wants a person to love on him. He had his hinds pulled last night so we could get him turned out this week and he stood like a gem. This guy had a solid racing career making over $100,000 in 30 starts with his last race being 3/10/2021 making him RRP eligible this year and next. He does have rounding in his ankles as you can see in the pictures. He still moves beautifully even with just getting his shoes pulled behind and not getting to stretch too much in turnout out since his recent race. He is a pleasure to have in the barn and so far has been easy and willing to do whatever we ask. I know whoever gets this one will definitely fall in love! (not because he is a creep.....because he is a good boy!)

Does not have any vices and is located in Charles Town, WV

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