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Majestic Pic - SOLD

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

This big beautiful mare is still available! She had a ppe that went well, a little arthritis in her hocks that can be managed with maintenance, she may not be your next upper level horse but can certainly do all other jobs. Clean stifle x-rays and all in good health including the eye scar which is just where a really tiny ulcer was removed and does not effect her in any way. Buyer actually passed for personal reasons that came up (life happens), but I am reducing her price and open as I just want the best situation for her. I am extremely busy with work these days and don’t have as much time as I’d like to bring her along, but she has a great start. If we talked earlier about her and you’re still interested please reach out. Happy to discuss with different budgets for the right match! An extremely good brained and willing girl. She got the best body score on a ppe that i’ve ever had here!

Majestic Pic is an 8 year old (2013) PA bred grey mare by Majestic Warrior (AP Indy) out of a Favorite Trick mare. She stands around 16.2/16.3h and is really thick, she really looks and feels much bigger and will take up plenty of leg. She made close to 120,000 in 53 starts and sold for 70,000 as a yearling. A big, well bred, classy mare that is ready to put her talent and heart into a new career. Everyone thinks this mare is a gelding looks and personality wise, she is easy to work around, I pulled her mane in her stall without a halter and she stood quietly even though I had just put fresh alfalfa in there, she also stood really quiet for her baths and has been easy to turn out. She has a massive body and truly looks like a warmblood. She stands out in the barn and is curious, always has her head out of the stall watching what everyone is doing. She had her first ride here with no prep and little turnout and was perfectly behaved. She’s a bit strong in the hands, personally i like a horse that takes a feel (i’ll get her teeth done when i can get an appointment too), and a little weak behind (very normal for a big horse coming off small tracks) plus she really needs her feet done, she was missing a hind shoe in the video, but after a little down time this horse will be a powerhouse. When I can get my farrier out I‘ll pull the other hind and just do simple fronts. She has a super nice walk, you can tell there is a good foundation in there and a great head on her shoulders. Someone that’s willing to take their time and build her hind end up will have a seriously nice horse on their hands. I walked her back up from the ring out in the grass and she just happily went along with whatever I asked. This is a horse that likes to please and do the right thing.

Has a little old scarring on her left eye that does not effect her vision, picture is included. It has been fully examed by my vet - it’s basically where a really tiny ulcer was removed and left a scar, the eye functions perfectly and it will not effect her at all or need any type of maintenance of any kind.

RRP eligible, no vices - she is very neat in her stall, and located in Charles Town, WV.

quick free videos:

1st ride:

Best way to contact me is to message through my website, message my facebook page, or text 571-317-5497.

general info and policies:

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